High-tech consumable

Navbit Sprint is a small disposable hip navigation device packed in a sterile carton, with everything included.

It’s that simple.


No capital costs and no trays

There are no capital costs, trays, subscription fees, minimum order quantities, re-sterilisation, or other hidden costs. And due to its compact size, there are no storage considerations. The disposable unit can be purchased as needed in single units or multi volumes.

Sterile, out-of-the-box

Single-use means there’s no maintenance, re-sterilisation overheads, and no need to keep track of parts. The Navbit Sprint is perfectly suited to a world that is anxious about the transmission of COVID-19 and other infections in the operating room.

Precision technology made simple

Navbit Sprint takes just a few minutes for the surgeon to use, allowing your operating rooms to turn over with great efficiency.

Navbit Sprint for Supine Patient Registration is suitable for the anterior surgical approach. Navbit Sprint for Lateral Patient Registration is suitable for the posterior surgical approach.

Everything's included

Navigation in-a-box

Navbit Sprint is a little box of confidence that enables surgeons to easily measure cup position accurately and in real-time to remove uncertainty about cup alignment. By removing the guesswork, it gives surgeons the security of knowing the cup will be where they intended. So, whether it’s a lateral patient registration, for the posterior surgical approach, or supine registration for the anterior surgical approach, you’re in good hands with Navbit Sprint.