Navbit is an Australian surgical technology innovator and manufacturer. We are an organisation founded by surgeons that helps solve difficult problems for surgeons, with unique innovation born of deep and nuanced knowledge of orthopaedic surgery.

We specialise in the use of emerging high-performance sensor technologies and understand their practical application to the surgical environment, which is both a complex and highly regulated field.

Our hip navigation technology, Navbit Sprint has been cleared by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (Registration no. 338854), European Commission (CE Mark), and the US Food and Drug Administration (Registration no. K200376). Navbit builds quality products that meet the highest global industry standards; the Company holds dual certification for ISO13485 Medical Device Standard – and the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP).


We put the surgeon, at the center of our design.

That means the technology is as simple and user-friendly as it can be. Our goal is to make simple technology to make surgical complications less frequent – and time in the operating room a little less complicated.

Navbit offers something that feels more like the intuitive tech you use every day at home. We strive to put beautiful technology in the hands of the surgeon, that quite simply removes the guesswork and empowers the surgeon to make quick, informed decisions during surgery, when it really matters – and at a moment’s notice. We know surgeons, because we are a surgeon led company. Our inventors and our investors are your surgeon colleagues.

We think about hospitals too. We know hospitals need access to intelligently designed products that are manageable, efficient and hassle free. Uncomplicated technology which offers good value and at no capital cost, is our promise to hospitals.

Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.


At Navbit, we strive for excellence, we love what we do, we take our work seriously and we care about the quality of our products.